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    The Demo Store



    Although this is not a real online store, please feel free to shop around.  Notice how easy it is to navigate through our products using the product links at the left side of the page.  Try adding some items to your shopping cart and see how easy it is to add or delete items.

    Our online stores offer these important features:

    • Match the look and feel of your web site

    • Remote store management - you add/edit/delete your own product and descriptions right through your home computer!

    • Easy order retrieval - you'll get an email notice of new orders and have an online order processing tool.

    • Automated customer receipts - customers automatically get thank you confirmation receipts after an order is placed.  You may also email them at any time using your order processing program online.

    • Easy navigation - the product category links at the left allow customers to browse your products with ease.

    • Full Search capabilities - the search box lets your customers search for specific products they're looking for.

    Your online store can be made to look just like your web site.  We've designed this online store to match both the look and feel of our main web site exactly. 

    Your store template becomes the template for your online store, giving your customers a consistent look and feel.  Combine this with easy navigation and full search capabilities and you'll have a great shopping experience!

    Processing your orders received couldn't be easier.  First, you get a notice email alerting you to new orders and providing some preliminary details about the order.  Next, you will use your order processing tool on your web site to view the complete order and payment details.  You can also use this tool to email customers when their item has shipped or for other reasons.

    Your customers will be able to shop with peace of mind knowing their credit card information is kept secure using Secure Certificate Technology.  

    Payments can be processed offline, using your existing payment processing methods.  Most merchants will want to continue with offline processing, however very busy stores may want real time transactions.  Real time credit card transactions may also be enabled with your existing merchant account by connecting with a real time processing gateway.  We can enable real time transactions with your shopping cart for a one time configuration fee.

    Browse through our demo products by clicking on the products links at the left side of the page.  Be sure to contact us with any questions or to get started with your own online store.  It can be fast, fun, and easier than you think!


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