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    Another Page

    This is an example of another information page.  You can have many of these pages on your web site.  These are similar to the "home" page and can display any images or information you desire.

    You can set the content and text, have pictures, descriptions, how-to sections, image galleries, company information, gift suggestions, events schedules, or whatever else you can think of in these pages.  We do all the initial work for you in setting up these pages, you just supply the content that you would like to offer.

    These pages are different from the product pages that display the products for sale.  The product pages are created dynamically.  Any time you use your store manger to add/edit/delete products from your store, those products and changes will instantly be available to your customers viewing your product pages with no work on your part.  Dynamic product pages allow you, even with no web design experience at all, to easily change the contents of your online store.

    These "static" pages have content that is set by you and designed by us ahead of time.  Although we call these pages "static", you can edit the text or change the content of these pages very easily yourself using your store manager program if you desire.  Any users that have access to web page editing tools, such as FrontPage, can also craft entire web pages or change the content of existing pages and edit them using our store manager program.  This can give you easy and complete control over such things as a company events schedule page, or a monthly newsletter section of your online store.


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